International Fan club Member Request
Hello Arashi fans and community members!! My friend and I have plans to travel to Japan in October 11th - 24th this year. I was hoping someone currently living there in Japan would be willing to sponser us to be an International Fan Club Member. I'm a really big fan of Arashi due to the influence of my friend and would love to see them live there. I really wanted to attend to a concert or live showing of their TV Shows while we are there but since we have to be present we would have to wait on that. I really hope for people to answer me here.
**on my knees with head on the floor** O-NE-GA-I-SHI-MASU!!!!

SMAP Appearances and English Subbed Videos
Hiya friends!!! I was wondering if any of the communities that sub SMAP videos will be subbing any of their new appears or current TV shows??? I mean after the disbandment issue I was hoping they would have plenty of appearances jam packed! It's been awhile since I've seen a new video that showed this year subbed. As a group appearnce not their individual shows.Please and thank you!! I miss their skits, their funny, and competitive spirit.

MiahJoyXMatsuJun "Our Decision"
          Jun and Miah met in a quiet place that overlooked Tokyo's city lights. It's been a long time since they met in person so the quiet between them felt awkward. But they were both glad to see each other again. After a few minutes in the car with no talking and just looking at each other smiling then looking away, Jun broke the silence. "Ano...sorry!" Getting Miah's attention. "I know it's my mistake for letting this whole problem go on for so long. For not being able to see each other for so long. But I didn't want to hurt you, by not acknowledging your existance. Your existance in my life." Miah responded back, "I know. And I know it was hard on you and the Jimshou."
          As Jun was about to continue, Miah cut him off, "I thought it was over. As fast it it started and the deeper we got, I knew we were going to eventually. And I was prepared for it. The moment it started to bring other people into the picture, bringing up even more rumors, I knew we had to end it. That's why I went to Johnny-san to talk to him directly. "Huh!" Jun's jaw dropped in surprise. "He wouldn't see me until I mentioned that I was your girlfriend. But I got to see him. And I was prepared for him to tell us to breakup. But when he asked me what I wanted to do, all I could think about is you and the times we spent together. And the words that came out were 'I don't want to breakup." Jun looked down and breathed a sigh of relief. "Then words just kept spilling out. I honestly can't remember everything I said. But...but...I didn't want to end it because we were told to do it, but because it was something we discussed together, because we wanted to end it by other reasons than this. I want to see what we have, to go further." As she said her last few words she looked at Jun straight in his eyes. That moment said more than any other words could say. That they both felt the same way. Jun looked up and sighed in relief again. " ka! That's why he said that," Jun said to himself. Miah looked at him confused. "You see I was called by the jimshou too, and talked to Johnny-san also. I guess it was right after you talked to him. I also told him the same thing when he asked what I wanted to do. That I didn't want to breakup with you, because they tell me to but because we wanted to for other reasons." Jun explained. "Before I left he told me that you were an interesting person," Jun continued, "what exactly did you tell him?" "Interesting? Ah...maybe the rant about the comparison of the Jimshou to a family?" "Family? What is that?" They both just laughed. They akwardness between them disappeared, and they were able smile again together.
          They talked under the night sky until late into the night. About what they should do and how they were going to approach everything together. The biggest obstace they were afraid to face now became the glue that bonds them together to become more stronger. Before they left each other that night they sealed their decision with their first kiss. With that first kiss everything that they worried about felt it can no longer touch them.

MiahJoyXMatsuJun "Our Obstacle PT2"
            As Miah took the elevator up. She knew what she had decided to do and had to say. She had to end things with Jun-kun so not to drag others people into their mess. She knocked at his door, and Johnny-san told her to enter. When she entered there was Johnny-san seated at his desk with a view of Tokyo's high rise buildings. The atmosphere in the room still feels stiff. As Johnny-sans eyes lifed from his work to Miah's eyes, Miah froze. She felt his gaze and it shook her. "So your the rumored girlfriend," Johnny-san words pierced the silence. Mia answered, "Yes!" Johnny-san gave her another long gaze then said, "You know, you caused a lot of trouble these past weeks. The media won't stop until there are answers. Jun refuses to make a decision. Then you came. What is it you want to do?" Johnny-san leaned back in his chair and waited in anticipation for her answer. Miah already knew her answer, but when he asked what she wanted her mind went blank. Then all her memories of Jun-kun flooded back, his smiles, his laughter, his warmth. "I don't want to break up. I don't want to break up because you tell me to. I want to break up because it's a decision we both made on our own." Miah spoke suddenly. Johnny-san again asked, "Is that your final decision?" "Johnny-san, don't you think your kids know how to handle their own problems? They are old enough and have enough experience to dig themselves out if they have to. And isn't it a parent's job to see if they fail and succeed in those decisions," Miah again suddenly spoke. This time Johnny-san was taken aback by her answer. Then Miah continued, "That's how I see this company. Like a family. A very large family. And since your the top, your the father. Excuse me for the comparison." Then Johnny-san stood up from his chair and slowly walked up to Miah. As he stood before her he smiled and said, "So what's your plan to correct my son's mistakes?" Miah smiled and gave him her plan of dealing with the media mess and keeping their relationship. She left his office. Then Johnny-san called Jun-kun in.

          Jun-kun walked into Johnny-san's office thinking he would be told to break-up and deny his relationship to anyone. Johnny-san leaned back in his chair taking in his view, "Do you know why I called you here?" Jun-kun answered with a yes. "So what's your answer?" Jun-kun looked at Johnny-san, "Is it okay to speak my mind here?" Jun-kun waited for a nod before he spoke, "I will take responsibility for what has happened. But I won't deny my relationship with my girlfriend. I don't want to end our relationship because the Jimshou told us to. If it will end it would be becasue we both chose to." Johnny-san just stared back with his arms crossed and with a short pause, "So will you make public your relationship?" "I don't know yet about making it public, not without discussing it Miah, but I won't deny I'm in a relationship," Jun-kun answered. This time Johnny-san stood up and sat on the corner of his desk. With a smile he said, "Go then and both of you come in tomorrow and discuss the plan you have with our mangement team. Jun-kun was taken aback from his answer but he didn't want to question him, so he turned back to head out. "And oh," Johnny-san called out, "Your girlfriend is an interesting person." Jun-kun confused by that statement just smiled and bowed then left to call Miah.

MiahJoyXMatsuJun "Our Obstacle"
            It was just an ordinary day in recording. Close to Jun-kun's  birthday. In a V.S. Arashi recording. During the opening Jun-kun's biggest fan from the oponent side wanted to give him a birthday present. But Jun-kun refused to take the gift. After the cut everyone including the other members were surprised. Normally he would accept it. This time he didn't, Jun-kun caught on to the atmosphere and tried to correct it by accepting the gift and passing it on as a joke. But that didn't work. Suspicion still ensued in the studio. After the recording he called Miah in private and told her of the situation. "What were you thinking!" Miah yelled through the phone. "I don't know, it just felt wrong to accept gift's from other women now," Jun-kun explained. Miah understood it was for her sake but it made things more complicated. So Miah told him to not contact her for awhile to see what happens, as she hanged up. Jun felt a tug on his heart, though he knew it was the best thing to do for now. Finally the airing of the episode came on, and surely the part of him not accepting the gift was included. And the very next day rumors of him dating were in the newspapers, magazines, and internet sites. The fear they both had came to light.
          Miah hadn't spoke with Jun-kun since that day. And after seeing the episode and seeing all this news, she knew she couldn't be with him anymore. Still her heart ached. When she see's his face on posters on the street or seeing the magazines and newspapers regarding the rumors. It felt like a quick end, but she didn't want to hinder his career. She had to move on. After a week rumors still spread online. This time news of siteings of him with a woman near in the area of which she lived. Things were getting closer. Then rumors of him and actresses he has worked with also started to spread. Causing more trouble. Jun refuses to make a statement that he wasn't dating anyone becasue that is not true. Then Miah also read bad remarks about the actresses that were dragged into their mess. So Miah felt she needed to do something.
           Without really thinking it through she decided to go to see Johnny-san. A few hours later she was at the Jimshou, finally thinking it through started second guessing herself. But she was already there so she asked the receptionist. The receptionist asked if she had an appointment and when she responded no, she called Johnny-san to see if he wanted to see her. The receptionist said he can't meet her. So Miah told the receptionist to tell Johnny-san that Matsumoto Jun's girlfriend wants to see him. The receptionist just stared at her for a moment and then called Johnny-san back. A minute later the receptionist told Miah to go right up. be continued...

MiahJoyXMatsuJun "Where We Began"
We're together. Those words echoed in both Miah and Jun's heads that night. And that's all they could think about. They things they have yet to face hasn't sinked in yet.
The next morning Miah was awaken by a mail from Jun. "Have a good morning! Call you later." It wasn't dream. Then Miah realised who she is in a relationship with. Japanese's top idol group, social lite. How will she fit into his life?  What if she gets caught up into all the rumors and newspapers? How will she keep her private life away from public view? All these thoughs ran through her head. How will she deal? When she turned on the TV there was Jun doing an interview. As she watched, she released there is nothing she can change. All she could do for now is see where their releationship will take them. Just enjoy it well everything is still new.
Their relationship began getting to know each other. Stating their concerns in their relationship and telling each other about themselves. Each time they meet digging deeper into each other and finding new things they have in common. But each time they part it felt harder to do. Both their feelings grew stronger for each other. And every time they part the feeling of not being able to see each other again invades their thoughts. And that fear will soon come to light.

MiaJoyXMatsuJun "What Are We"

From that fated meeting on Jun found himself going over there at the same time just to see her and chat with her again. Miah was delighted to see him come by, but unsure of what it means. Miah always doubts herself when it comes to liking people, becasue she gets afraid to be hurt and get her hopes up. And to hope for something more from Jun is like dating a Hollywood star, impossible. But for now enjoying these moments is enough for her. After a week of this meet ups, work started again for Jun. He couldn't come by anymore and didn't contact her either.  After things settled down again it had already been 2 weeks since then and he decided to email her. He email her  asking her how she was. When she emailed back she asked, "I'm sorry who is this?" Jun confused responded, "This is Matsumoto Jun?" A minute later. "Oh...sorry I didn't save your number becasue I wasn't sure if I should. But yeah I'm good. Just tired," Miah responded. Jun never heard someone deleting numbers because they shouldn't keep it before. But he guessed it was her being considerate of him. So he responded "It's okay to save my email. You didn't have to consider that. Anyway I wanted to ask you if you would like to have dinner tonight? You hungry? Since you said your tired." There was no repsonse until 10 minutes later. "Sure! I can do dinner. I can be ready by 7pm. Is that okay?" Unsure of why she took so long to respond. "Can we meet at the place I'll send the details later?" Miah responded, "Okay. Great till then." So it was set.
When she recieved the email during her lunch she was with her co-workers inside the break room. It was getting colder now so lunch on the patio was no longer an option. She found out the email was from Jun she felt happy that he still had her email. She didn't want evidence of a scandal that the reporters out there might make of it. So she deleted his contact. But when Jun said it was okay to save it she did so. But to say she didn't need to consider deleting it, what did he mean by that? Did he mean there is nothing between them? Then why the invite to dinner? All these thoughts flooded her head. The her co -workers asked her if something was wrong. Unsure of what to do she asks them about her situation, without using Jun's name. "Well I think he likes you. I mean he comes by during your lunches and then asks you for dinner. There must be something there," one co-workers says. The other co-worker said, "You need to ask him. I mean if he's not going to contact you for weeks and then ask you to dinner, it's like he thinks he can pick up from where you left off. Like he thinks you would wait for him. And that's not fair to you." She thought more about what the last co-worker said. She understands Jun's work is demanding that's why he can't contact her as much. Also she doesn't mind no contact for a long time. But to ask him to define a relationship, she never wanted to be that kind of girl. But she has to, she needs to know so she can know her place, if she has a place, in his life and him in hers. Cause she knows she felt something too. So before she went back to work she responded and agreed to dinner. When he emailed her back to meet at the resturant. She felt a little disappointed because that would not make it a date maybe. Either way she planned to ask him.
As Miah got to the resturant Jun was already there. "Why didn't they seat you yet?" Miah asked. "I didn't want to sit yet untill you get here," Jun answered. Miah beamed at the response as they seated them. Things were going well. They picked up the conversation from when they last saw each other. An hour into the conversation she decided to finally ask. "Ah Jun can I ask you something?" Jun paused a little and took a sip of his drink. "Sure ask me anything." "What are we? (Jun looks at her in mid sip) I mean, I really don't want to be the kind of needy girl who ask guys to define the relationship. Cause I wouldn't like it either. But I need to know because I feel like I'm getting mixed signals here. And I don't want to get my hopes up. And I'm a releationship kind of girl. So I need to know we are in the same page. Because I like you. And we have a great time together. So....yeah." As Jun puts his cup down he looks straight into Miah's eyes and says, " I don't spend my free time with just anyone." That was enough. That moment when they locked eyes, said it all. He felt exactly like Miah, feeling for each other to be more. Miah no longer question him and they left the resturant happy. Seeing they didn't have a car, the reason why Jun wanted to meet at the resturant, He walked her home. As they walked he grabbed her hand, and a connection they both never felt before pass through them. They both never wanted to let go. be continued....

For those who actually read this. I would like to hear comments. Feel free to do so!!

MiahJoyXMatsuJun "Fated Meeting"
Three months passed and that night in Hawaii is just a distant memory. Just another ordinary day off for Jun though with a morning work out. After he decided to take a walk, but a walk in a different area from where he use to. Something was telling him to take a different direction that day. As he was waiting to cross the crosswalk he looked in the distance accross from him. He noticed someone familiar but coudn't remember the name. Then it hit him. The girl sitting in the patio of accross the street was the girl he met in Hawaii. Why he remembered her he wasn't so sure. Upon that thought he reached into his pocket and looked into his wallet. And there he found her card wedged in-between the other cards. There he thought he cleaned out his wallet every once in awhile, but to find that card still there is saying something. So he decided to email her.
Lunch time in the patio was a first for Miah. After working there at the office for a month now she found lunch outside refreshing. After 5 minutes she got a text from on unkown number. The text read "Hello I wanted to take your offer for lunch today". Not sure of who it was she texted back "Sorry but who os this?" Then a text came back "Oh sorry. This is Matsumoto Jun. You gave me your card." When she read that text she couldn't believe her eyes. It was too unbelievable that she plopped her phone on the table and scoot her chair back. As if the phone was possesed. After a minute she picked the phone back up and texted back "Oh wow hi! It's been awhile. As for lunch I'm actually working right now till the evening." Then he texted back "It's okay I'm actually in the area I can be there in a minute." After that text she plopped her phone back on the table and scoot her chair back and even stoood up to look around.
As Jun texted Miah and saw her reaction to every text he laughed by himself. It prompted people's stares, but no one recognized him. They were more weary of him. So at this time he finally crossed the crosswalk to see Miah. Miah only had about 15 minutes left on her break but, they got to chat a bit. It was short but, both Miah and Jun were all smiles and enjoyd a normal converstion. After they parted ways they both couldn't shake the smile off their faces and the hope to meet again.

...To be continued....

Fantasy Meeting MiahJoyXMatsuJun
After the concert high that Arashi was that night my friend and I decided to have a late dinner at the resturant downstairs of our hotel in beautiful Hawaii. As the elevator stopped on our floor a mother and a child came out and apoligized to the person in the elevator. When we entered we noticed that all the buttons were pressed. Thinking it still is a pain to get out of the elevator and take a new one we decided to ride it all the way down. I guess the person in the elevator thought they same because there was no sign of him trying to leave or move away from the back corner of the elevator. The person on the elevator wore a purple sports jacket with a matching bottom and sunglasses. He wore his hood on. We really didn't pay much attention on him. So my friend and I just talked to each other. "Today was the best day ever", I said. My friend started to tease me and said, "Your just happy you got to see your boyfriend Matsujun live!" As we giggled away we heard the guy in the back laugh a little. I looked back, and when he saw he turned around and coughed. So I just let it go. Then I answered my friend back, "Well yeah, I love him. Hahaha. Anyway it was a good first concert." Then I noticed the guy kind of ease dropping on us. So I looked back at him and he turned around again. Then I noticed something about him. I went a little closer and asked, "You are Matsumoto Jun right?" (In Japanese cause I speak it) Then he took off his hood and said "Yes." I was shocked and embarassed at the same time. I just couldn't believe it. But my friend un-schocked shook his hand thanked him for the concert. I couldn't even speak, but I shook his hand. "You speak fluent Japanese. You from there?", He asked. After the shock wore off I answered, "No I'm from California. I just learned Japanese for work. I also watched a lot of your shows." By this time the elevator had stopped at the lobby floor where the resturant was at and we all got off. We said our good bye and then we started walking the same way. He asked, "Going to the resturant?" I said, "Yeah. We were going to eat dinner." He said, "Me too. Was going to meet the other members there." As we walked together we told him it was my birthday that is why we were there for their concert. How my friend got the tickets for me as a birthday/going away present because I will be moving to Japan in a few weeks for work. When we got to the resturant it was full. The person who was trying to seat us said the wait will be about 30 minutes. MatuJun saw the other members already seated and was about to head over, when he asked us if we wanted to follow him to meet the other members as we wait to be seated. We delightedly said yes. When we got to their table he introduced us. And told them the story of how he ran into us. He then proceeded to say it was my birthday and they congratulated me and my friend whose birthday is tomorrow. Then they asked me questions about why I speak Japanese so fluently and my job, and where I will be living. I answered them promptly. After a few moments they call us to be seated. So we said good byes and left them.

After dinner my friend and I were about to leave we noticed they were still there. So we decided to say a last good bye. As we did, Ninomiya-san told Jun-kun to walk us to our room. As a present for our birthday, since he's my ichiban. Jun-kun relunctantly said okay, because he suggested it already and it would be rude to refuse, at least that's what he was thinking. So he did, all the way to our door. We said good bye again and as he turned away and walk off I yelled, "Wait!" At that moment it felt like something came over me. I feeling of courage I never knew I had. As we stood in the hallway staring at each other he waited for me to say something else. When I caught up with my thought process when I yelled I went through my purse and found my card case. I walked up to him and handed him my card and said, "I'll be in Tokyo in the next month or so. So if you have a chance do email me or call me to reccommend some good places to eat at. Since you know a lot of good places. And I'm new to the area and won't really have time to explore as much" Jun-kun's face looked a bit confused, but he took my card anyway. He took it and gestured a thank you and left. I ran to our room feeling proud of myself and screaming in the inside as well as squelling with my friend. Little did I know as Jun-kun went into the elevator he looked at the card and out in the hallway and smiled. Placing the card in his wallet. be continued....

(Sorry for all the punctuation and quotation erorrs for all those english scholars. I forgot all about them once I finished school and my lack of writing essays since then.)

Just A Story Dream

I decided to post a story about if I ever met Arashi in person. I finally thought I should write it down. Who knows maybe someone will enjoy it. My fantasy. Since its late I will do it next time. Just look forward to it!!


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